Suggested Answers.

Oral Assessment 1
  1. It is a classroom.
  2. Yes, there is.
  3. It is at the back of the class.
  4. There are two.
  5. Kok Wai is sitting next to Jenny.
  6. She has drown a mango on her paper.
  7. He is drawing a durian on his paper.
  8. She wants to borrow an eraser.
  9. She will say, 'Thank you'.
  10. They will need colour pencils.

Oral Assessment 2
  1. She is a teacher.
  2. She teaches the pupils.
  3. She works in a school.
  4. She is in a classroom.
  5. She is holding a book.
  6. She teaches English.
  7. A blackboard is behind the teacher.
  8. It is on the wall beside the blackboard.
  9. I want to be a teacher.
  10. Madam Lim is my English teacher.

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